I have been involved in ThetaHealing™ since I was introduced to Vianna in 1996, through a mutual friend, Connie Schuldt. But it was only in 2004, that I decided to become a full time ThetaHealing™ Instructor, and now I hold a Masters and Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing™having completed all necessary courses.

I am an experienced teacher and practitioner, and have performed many treatments and seminars and have travelled extensively doing so.

My teaching role began on the Wirral Peninsula in England; when, after receiving the qualification of Licentiate of Trinity College, London,I went on to obtain the Post-Graduate qualification from Manchester University (Music, Psychology, and Sociology).

I taught for many years concentrating on people with learning difficulties and various “problems”! After moving to America in 1986, my career led me to teach many disciplines to all ages, children, teenagers and adults alike.

When living in Idaho, I decided to embark on a new type of work as a Psychiatric Technician and also taught Education and Music Therapy to disturbed teenagers in the Behavioural Health Centre in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I later specialized in Psycho-social Rehabilitation and Case Management Services for developmentally delayed and mentally ill adults, in several local agencies before opening my own business there.

Much of the work required a lot of patience, empathy and understanding. In order to further my qualifications, I regularly took various classes, mainly in the area of mental health care. This enabled me to increase my abilities and to update my knowledge in an ever changing world.

I always felt that the treatment available was never enough to allow people to reach their full potential. On discovering the Theta work, I realized the “missing link” to people living their lives to the full was the understanding of "Unconditional Love," the balancing of Body, Mind and Spirit, This applies to people from all walks of life, whether suffering from a disability or not. We can all improve our knowledge and our lives no matter what our circumstances.

I have experienced for myself, life changing miracles that this sacred work can bring to someone, such as raising energy vibrations, resolving relationship issues, discovering how past generations have negative impacts on actions, health and emotions, and much, much more.

Now, to culminate all the dreams I ever had of helping people to achieve their goals, I have recently had a book published called “Less Stress For You “ and I now incorporate Stress Reduction Techniques through the Art of Music and Poetry combined to produce a unique form of Relaxation Therapy.(Please see Page marked STRESS)

I am so grateful to Vianna, for the knowledge and friendship that she has shared, in order that I might be able to share this sacred work of ThetaHealing™ with many people worldwide regardless of Religion, Race, Colour, Creed or Gender as this is what I have been divinely led to do.

~ Rosemary Rebo